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Harry Truman said, "If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog," which is good advice in a city where professional and personal lives have regularly been upended by national elections and now by the pandemic. There s also the maxim that a fortunate person has five true friends. Here the five may change as people move away from the power center of Washington… or nearer to it... My closest friends changed after the anger of my normally, cool, calm father freed me of him. I went off to explore the world, see new places and make new friends. Most memorable was Diana Coke. We stayed in touch for decades after meeting at the main rail station in New Delhi. Her letters remind me of how remarkable she was and have been collected for her children who were lucky to have known her so well and for their children who couldn’t.

Ann Wood

Intro to: Friendship - Two Women, Two Countries, Four Decades
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